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Asian Sauces, Pan Asian Sauces, Multi-Ethnic Sauces, Fusion Sauces, and Ethnic Seasonings

What's different about Starport sauces?
These gourmet sauces are formulated by Master Chef David Tsang, founder of House of Tsang, Oriental Deli and Le Krewe Restaurant and Oyster Bar. David and his team at Starport Foods are passionate about making great, consistent sauces in smaller craft batches, and have years of experience sourcing the best ingredients in the world. Select sauces and seasonings are GLUTEN FREE. We work with hundreds of Chefs who tell us that Starport's sauces tastes better than other bottled Asian sauces and they love Starport's flavor consistency and recipe support. We have the privilege of many long-term customer relationships lasting 15 years or more! See proven results and Testimonials to hear more.

Are you making Asian sauces from scratch?
Making sauces from scratch is time consuming and requires a lot of ingredients. Starport shelf stable sauces and seasonings saves time, labor and money and reduces inventory and waste. We make it easy for Chefs and home cooks to create consistently delicious Asian meals. The sauces are complete and do not need any thickeners. Many Chefs use Starport sauces as their speed scratch "base sauce" and add ingredients like ginger, garlic, green onions, lemongrass or cilantro to create their own signature sauce.

How can I use the products?
Great Mongolian Grill sauce, stir fry sauce, glaze and drizzle sauce, appetizer dipping sauce, wing sauce, Asian BBQ sauce, pizza base sauce or marinade.

All products contain NO MEAT and are suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian diets. They contain no added MSG, are shelf stable and are made in the USA.

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