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Chinese Restaurant Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe

Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork with Gluten Free Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce

The most popular Chinese restaurant dish, chunks of pork or chicken, battered and deep fried to golden crisp then toss with Sweet and Sour sauce and pineapples and red bell peppers.


Sweet and Sour Chicken with pineapple, bell peppers and sweet and sour sauce image

Ingredients: Serving for 2

1 C. Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce (Gluten Free Starport 215)
12 oz. Chicken breast or thigh, boneless, skinless, sliced 1.5”x1”x1” same for pork
1 Tbsp. Marinade Seasoning (Gluten Free Starport 356)
1 Tbsp, Water for marinate
1 Tbsp. Oil for marinate
¾ C. Crispy Seasoning Batter (Starport 354)
8 oz. Pineapple, fresh, grilled, then cut 1” or canned
1 med Red bell pepper, cut 1”x1”

Sweet and Sour Chicken Ingredients image


  1. Char pineapple pieces on grill or in broiler for about 45 seconds and cut into 1” pieces.
  2. Mix Marinade Seasoning, water and oil then add to cut chicken or pork and marinate for 30 minutes or longer.
  3. Coat marinated chicken evenly with Crispy Seasoning Batter and set aside.
  4. Just before frying, sprinkle some water to moisten chicken and roll chicken in Crispy Seasoning Batter again to pick up more batter.
  5. Deep fry battered chicken at 370°F for 3-5 minutes until golden and done.
  6. Remove chicken and drain off excess oil, re-fry chicken again when fryer temperature return to 370F for 1 minute.
  7. Oil blanch bell peppers in 370°F oil for 10 seconds and remove.
  8. Heat a wok (or pan) on medium high heat, add in Hawaiian Sweet & Sour Sauce and bring to a boil.
  9. Add in grilled pineapple, oil blanched red bell peppers and fried chicken chunks, and toss with sauce then quickly remove and serve immediately.
  10. Garnish with green onions or cilantro sprigs.

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Chicken or Pork Marination:

1. To marinate: For 10 lbs. sliced or diced chicken or pork, add 0.4 lb. (⅞ C.) Marinade Seasoning (Gluten Free Starport 356), 1¼ C. water and 1 C. corn oil. Mix well and marinate for 30 minutes or more. Refrigerate if not used immediately.