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Thai Noodle Salad Recipe

Thai Noodle Salad with Thai Peanut Sauce and Rice Vinegar Dressing

A light summer meal with noodles or your favorite pasta tossed with cucumbers, carrots, roasted peanuts and dressed with peanut sauce, rice vinegar and fish sauce dressing.


Thai Noodle Salad with Thai peanut sauce image

Ingredients: Buffet serving

1 lb. Cooked pasta, any type
2 Tbsp. Roasted Sesame oil
1/4 C. General Kung Pao Sauce (Gluten Free Starport 345)
1/4 C. Hawaiian Sweet and Sour (Gluten Free Starport 215)
1 Tbsp. Peanut Butter
1/2 ea. Cucumbers, seeded, thinly sliced
3 stalk. Green onions, sliced round
1 C. Carrots, shredded
2 tsp. Fish sauce (optional)
2 Tbsp. Seasoned rice vinegar
2 Tbsp. Roasted peanuts chopped (optional)
Cilantro for garnish

Noodle Salad with carrots cucumbers, rice vinegar and Thai peanut sauce dressing Ingredients image


  1. Cook pasta per manufacturer instructions, cold rinse, drained and add 2 Tbsp. roasted sesame seed oil. Mix well and refrigerate about 20 minutes until chilled.
  2. Slice green onions, cucumbers, red onions and shred carrots.
  3. Mix General Kung Pao Sauce, Hawaiian Sweet and Sour, peanut butter, fish sauce and seasoned rice vinegar as a dressing and set aside.
  4. When noodles are chilled, toss in vegetables and mix well.
  5. Add dressing to salad and adjust to taste.
  6. Garnish with green onions, roasted chopped peanuts and cilantro.

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