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Gluten Free Asian Sauces, Fusion Sauces and Seasonings

We constantly strive to develop sauces and seasonings with healthy attributes: lower fat, low sodium and less sugar. We are proud to offer a GLUTEN FREE product assortment, which have the same fantastic regional flavors. All products contain NO MEAT and are suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian diets, and contain no added MSG.

Recipes are only GLUTEN FREE when ALL ingredients, including sauces and frying oil, are gluten free.
GLUTEN FREE sauces cooked with ingredients that contain gluten such as wheat will not be GLUTEN FREE.

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Brown Stir-fry Sauce (214) GLUTEN FREE, 1 gallon, 4/case, UPC 789902-682148 Net Wt. 8.6 lbs.

Brown Stir Fry Sauce Gluten Free ImageBrown Stir Fry Sauce - All-purpose, light color, savory sauté sauce with cilantro and garlic. A complete stir-fry sauce, replaces the use of soy sauce, seasonings and cornstarch. This is our most popular and versatile sauce – a must for every chef, in every kitchen! Use for speed scratch base.
Suggested Recipes: Korean Bibimbap Recipe,Beef and Broccoli Recipe, Pork Chow Mein Recipe, Vegetarian Stir-fry, Chicken and Mushrooms, Shrimp and Snow Peas, Lo Mein, Cashew Chicken and Egg Foo Young.

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Chipotle BBQ Sauce (321) GLUTEN FREE, 1/2 gallon, 6/case, UPC 789902-683213 Net Wt. 5.5 lbs.

Chipotle Sauce Image Chipotle BBQ Sauce - This is a delicious GLUTEN FREE Chipotle sauce with a zesty smoked chili pepper kick. A delicious spicy BBQ sauce to mop on steaks, burgers, fries and wings. Use as a dipping sauce for chicken tenders, fried shrimp, fried mozzarella or zucchini sticks and French fries. Mix with mayonnaise for a yummy sandwich spread. Add to sour cream for an amazing veggie dip.
Suggested Recipes:Gluten Free Chipotle BBQ Ribs RecipeHawaiian Chipotle Chicken Pizza Recipe.

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Classic Hoisin Sauce (128) GLUTEN FREE, 1 gallon, 4/case, UPC 789902-681288 Net Wt. 9.2 lbs.

Classic Hoisin Sauce ImageClassic Hoisin Sauce - A thick, sweet and spicy Gluten Free sauce used in authentic Asian BBQ sauce, stir fry, braising sauce, marinades and dressings, or as a condiment for Peking duck, Mu Shu Pork and Pho noodle soup. This new Hoisin uses miso as a base, which delivers a sweet mild earthy flavor Miso, instead of the usual pungent fermented soy bean paste derived from soy sauce processed residual.

Suggested Recipes: Mu Shu Pork Recipe, Gluten Free Hong Kong Shrimp Recipe, Gluten Free Hoisin Tilapia Recipe, Classic Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe, Peking Spicy and Sour Chicken.

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Coconut Curry Sauce (123) GLUTEN FREE, 1 gallon, 4/case, UPC 789902-681233 Net Wt. 9.0 lbs.

Coconut Curry Sauce Image Coconut Curry Sauce - This is our favorite Malaysian style GLUTEN FREE yellow curry with tropical fruit flavors and a touch of coconut. Scrumptious for Indonesian or Singaporean curry dishes. Add tropical fruit to create Caribbean West-Indies dishes. Savory Indonesian Coconut Curry Shrimp Noodle Soup, or Singapore Rice Stick Noodles and Shrimp.
Suggested Recipes: Gluten Free Coconut Curry Meatballs Recipe, Gluten Free Coconut Curry Chicken Recipe.

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General Kung Pao Sauce (345) GLUTEN FREE 1/2 gallon, 6/case, UPC 789902-683459 Net Wt. 4.7 lbs.

Kung Pao Sauce Image Kung Pao Sauce - Smooth, red and hot! Best of all it is Gluten Free! A sweet, garlicky and spicy red sauce for traditional Mongolian Grill, Kung Pao and General Tsao's recipes. Spread it on hot dogs instead of ketchup or mustard; what a delicious change!
Suggested Recipes:
Kung Pao Calamari Recipe, Gluten Free General Kung Pao Chicken Recipe, Gluten free Kung Pao Tofu and Mushroom Rice Bowl Recipe, Gluten Free Hong Kong Shrimp Recipe. Use for traditional Mongolian Grill sauce or in any "Kung Pao" recipe or stir-fry.

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Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce (215) GLUTEN FREE, 1 gallon, 4/case, UPC 789902-682155 Net Wt. 8.5 lbs.

Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce Image Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce - Everyone's favorite Sweet and Sour sauce balanced with tartness and sweetness of pineapple and lemon flavors! Unlike other watery sweet and sour sauces, Starport's GLUTEN FREE Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce is thick so that is caramelizes on fried chicken or pork nuggets for Sweet and Sour dishes, rather than disappear like thinner sauces. Use instead of tomato paste for pizza. Delicious spring roll dipping sauce, wonton dipping sauce, or egg roll dipping sauce. Thin with pineapple, lime, orange or lemon juice if desired. Mix 1:1 with Chipotle BBQ Sauce for our favorite Fusion BBQ sauce. Always a winner!
Suggested Recipes: Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken Recipe, Gluten Free Sweet and Sour Meatball Recipe, Hawaiian Chipotle Chicken Pizza Recipe.

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Hot and Spicy Seasoning (351) GLUTEN FREE, 1 lb., 2/case, UPC 789902-683510 Net Wt. 1.0 lbs.

 Hot-and-Spicy-Seasoning Image Hot and Spicy Seasoning - Exoctic heat and excitement! Sprinkle on this fiery Asian, five-spice Gluten Free seasoning blend. A very popular and traditional Chinese seasoning that is great on wings, chicken nuggets, fish chips, French fries, calamari and shrimp.
Usage: dust on and toss to taste.
Suggested Recipes: Gluten Free Hot and Spicy Edamame Recipe, Gluten Free Chinatown Hot and Spicy Wings, Hunan Garlic Fries, Shanghai Chicken Wings.

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Jamaican Jerk Sauce (125) GLUTEN FREE, 1 gallon, 4/case, UPC 789902-681257 Net Wt. 8.7 lbs.

Jamaican Jerk Sauce Image Jamaican Jerk Sauce - One of our best sellers! Aromatic allspice, cinnamon, cayenne and thyme, create an exciting GLUTEN FREE Jamaican Jerk sauce for authentic Caribbean-style chicken, pork and ribs. A popular Wing sauce, Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap, Jamaican Baby-back Ribs and Jamaican Jerk Pizza. Drizzle over fried plantains as a delectable appetizer. Awesome basted on skewered grilled shrimp or chicken!
Suggested Recipes: Gluten Free Jamaican Jerk Chicken Recipe, Gluten Free Pulled Pork Recipe.

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Marinade Seasoning, (356) GLUTEN FREE, 5 lbs. 4/case UPC 789902-683565 Net Wt. 5.0 lbs.

 Marinade-SeasoningImage Marinade Seasoning - A versatile dry gluten free marinade, lightly flavored with garlic, onions and spices. A must for all stir-fy cut meats. Use as a complete seasoning that tenderizes and exceptional in maintaining moisture for stir-fry-sized meats, shrimp and fish!
Usage: 4% by weight.
Learn the Chinese restaurant chefs' secret formula. How to make stir-fry meat juicy, tender and fast!
Find out how to cook like an Asian Chef

汉语中的视图食谱,   Receta vista en español, How Chinatown Chefs Marinate Stir-fry Meats

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Spicy Mango Creole Sauce (121) GLUTEN FREE, 1/2 gallon, 6/case, UPC 789902-681271 Net Wt. 4.7 lbs.

Spicy Mango Creole Sauce Image Spicy Mango Creole Sauce - This is a delightful GLUTEN FREE Fusion flavor – a wonderful, spicy blend of peppers, garlic, oregano and thyme with Tropical Mango flavor. This is our personal favorite Fusion sauce; absolutely the BEST sauce for grilled Salmon or Grilled Fish. Use it for Spicy Tropical Rice, in Bouillabaisse, Pasta and Seafood dishes. A delightful Quinoa salad dressing.
Suggested Recipes: Gluten Free Creole Mango Scallops Recipe, Gluten Free Creole Mango Shrimp Recipe.

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Spicy Orange Sauce (127) GLUTEN FREE, 1 gallon, 4/case, UPC 789902-681271 Net Wt. 9.5 lbs.

Spicy Orange Sauce Image Spicy Orange Sauce Always a winner! It is a tangy, orange flavored Gluten Free sauce with bits of tangerine rind and pepper flakes. Make spectacular Spicy Orange Chicken or Beef. It's great in cold noodle salads, as an appetizer dipping sauce or just pour on to flavor steamed rice.
Suggested Recipes: Roasted Gluten Free Spicy Orange Wings Recipe, Classic Spicy Orange Chicken Recipe, Gluten Free Mandarin Orange Chicken Recipe, General Kahn's Sweet and Spicy Chicken and more. 

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 Spicy Red Hunan Sauce (212) GLUTEN FREE, 1 gallon, 4/case, UPC 789902-682124 Net Wt. 8.9 lbs.

Spicy Red Hunan Sauce Image Spicy Red Hunan Sauce - A zesty, spicy, sweet, tangy and garlicky Gluten Free red stir-fry sauce that is delicious with meat, poultry, and seafood. Brush onto hamburgers and roasts for a new flavor dimension. Add to cooked rice and beans for spicy “Asian-Cajun” rice. An essential sauce for Korean style cooking.
Suggested Recipes: Spicy Hunan Wings Recipe, Korean Taco Recipe, Gluten Free Korean Wings Recipe, Korean Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken Recipe, Gluten free Korean Fried Chicken Recipe, Korean BBQ meat and Kalbi Short Ribs.

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