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Hunan Hot and Sour Soup Recipe ImageHunan Hot and Sour Soup Recipe make traditional Chinese Hot & Sour Soup with Starport Food's Hot and Sour Soup Concentrate - add pork, tofu, mushrooms, eggs, green onions and sliced bamboo shoots for a delicious spicy and tangy soup.


Vietnamese Canh Chu Hot and sour soup image Vietnamese Canh Chua Hot and Sour Soup Recipe a delicious Vietnamese spicy soup with Starport Food's Hot and Sour Soup Concentrate - add prawns, okras, tomatoes, pineapples, cilantro, lemon grass and fish sauce. The flavor combinations are amazing!


Thai Tom Yum Hot and Sour Soup ImageThai Tom Yum Goong Soup Recipe coconut infused Tom Yum Soup with Starport Food's Hot and Sour Soup Concentrate - add prawns, okra, tomatoes, shiitake and wood ear mushrooms, lemon grass, cilantro, coconut milk and fish sauce. Garnish Thai basil for a spicy, coconut flavored soup.


Vegetarian Hot and Sour Soup ImageVegetarian Hot and Sour Soup an authentic Northern Chinese style hot and soup soup with Starport Food's Hot and Sour Soup Concentrate - A delicate balance of hot and sour flavors, soft tofu texture contrasted with crunchy wood ear mushrooms and balanced with straw mushrooms and bamboo shoots.



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The Chinese Chefs' Best Kept Secret for Tender Meat - Velvetize!

View Starport How-To video Velvetize with Marinade Seasoning

Have you ever wondered how Chinese Chefs can cook banquet portions that serve hundreds of guests efficiently and quickly? How come the dishes are always piping hot and the meat is so soft, tender and juicy?

What's the secret?

Chinese Chefs pre-prep the sliced meat with Marinade Seasoning, then quickly velvetize the meat in hot oil. This step seals in the juices, and the velvetized meat is ready for stir-fry. Most vegetables are water blanched and ready for stir-fry.

How To Marinate the Meat:

Beef marinating image For 10 lbs. of sliced or diced meat: Mix 0.4 lb. (7/8 C.) Marinade Seasoning(Starport 356), 1-1/4 C. water and 1 C. oil in a bowl. (for all meat: beef, chicken, pork or lamb).
Add marinade mixture to meat, stir and marinate in covered container for 30 minutes or more in refrigerator. Best to make fresh daily batches. (Picture shown: sliced beef)
汉语中的视图食谱, Receta vista en español, Marinate and Velvetizing Process.


Beef velvetizing imageOil blanch meat in deep fryer at 350F in 2-pound batches for 60-80 seconds until internal temperature reaches 160F, loosen and un-clump the meat pieces. Remove and drain. Set aside or refrigerate for final use. This process quickly seals in the juices and reduces shrinkage. (Picture shown: oil blanch "velvetize" sliced beef)


Velvetized chicken ImageThis process produces a moist, velvety texture. The velvetized meat (because it is essentially cooked), can be re-cooked in seconds in wok stir-fries, on the griddle, or in the microwave.
For oil free meals, marinate the meat without oil, then steam with fresh vegetables. The meat will maintain a velvety texture. (Picture shown: velvetized sliced chicken)


Thai Peanut Sauce is Discontinued, now what will I do?

Due to the necessity to eliminate allergens in our product line, we have discontinued the Thai Peanut Sauce. We realize that this may be a problem for our long-time customers and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

Here is a simple Thai Peanut sauce recipe replacement by Chef David Tsang:

1 C. General Kung Pao Sauce (Starport item 345)
1 C. Hawaiian Sweet and Sour Sauce (Starport item 215)
1/4 C. Peanut Butter, smooth style
1/8 C. Fish Sauce

2 Minute Quick Stir-fry Tips:

  1. Velvetize meat
  2. Water blanch vegetables in boiling water 20-30 seconds. Drain. (DO NOT water blanch onions, celery, garlic, ginger or vegetables and herbs that contain aromatic oils).
  3. First heat wok, pan, griddle or Mongolian grill at high heat. Then add oil and meat, stir briefly, then stop stirring and let the meat sear for 20-30 seconds. Add vegetables and stir-fry or toss-fry for 1 minute, then add Starport sauce and stir for 20-30 seconds or until steaming hot. Remove from heat and serve.

vegetables water blanching imageThis simple cooking method is practiced in Asian restaurants as well as by Asian street vendors. Meat is either pre-velvetized or velvetized when ordered. Vegetables may be pre-blanched then shocked in iced water. Re-blanch veggies to warm them up before using in stir-fries.


Garlic and Ginger Infusion - Stir Fry Aromatic Tip

Garlic Ginger seasoning imageUse a Garlic Ginger Infusion to create the distinct and enticing Asian aromatic flavor. This component adds a wonderful dimension to all stir fries. The Garlic Ginger Infusion is easy to make and tasty to use. Make fresh regularly: 2 C. minced garlic, 1 C. minced fresh ginger root (peeled) and 2 C. corn oil. Place all ingredients in a pot and heat at medium heat until ingredient temperature reaches 180F. Hold for 5 minutes, remove and let is cool, and place in a tightly covered container (glass is best). Store in refrigerator. To heighten the stir fry flavor add 1 tsp. Garlic Ginger Infusion per serving, and use when stir frying the meat or tofu (before adding the vegetables). See Garlic and Ginger infusion Recipe.

View Starport How-To video Starport Garlic Ginger Infusion Video



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