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Authentic Asian and Pan Asian flavors have been used by foodservice Chefs for years are now available for home cooks and retail supermarkets. Starport Foods' sauces can be packed in convenient home-use sizes. Pick a flavor, just pour into any combination of stir-fry meat and vegetables, and enjoy an exotic Asian dish. Select sauces are Gluten Free, Starport Foods' sauces are ready-to-use, saves time, labor and ingredient inventory. All products contain NO MEAT and are suitable for Vegan and Vegetarian diets and contain no added MSG.

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Coconut Curry Sauce (123R) GLUTEN FREE, Net wt. 15.2 oz., 12/case, UPC 789902-041235

Coconut Curry Sauce Image Coconut Curry Nutrition
Coconut Curry Sauce
This is our favorite Malaysian style Gluten free yellow curry with tropical fruit flavor and a touch of coconut. Scrumptious for Indonesian or Singaporean-flavored dishes. Add tropical fruit to create Caribbean West-Indies dishes.
Suggested use: Gluten Free Coconut Curry Meatballs Recipe, Gluten Free Coconut Curry Chicken Recipe, Indonesian Coconut Curry Shrimp Noodle Soup, or Rice Stick Noodles and Shrimp.



Garlic Sesame Marinade & Glaze (209R) Net wt. 13.8 oz., 12/case, UPC 789902-042096

Garlic Sesame Sauce Image Garlic Sesame Nutrition
Garlic Sesame Sauce Our
Our most popular, delicious and extremely versatile sauce! This delicious Teriyaki-style sauce is flavored with fragrant garlic, sesame seeds and roasted sesame seed oil. Just add into any sauté meat and vegetables and instantly you have cooked up an Asian flavorful meal. Make bland rice and noodles bursting to life with unbelievable aroma and flavor.
Suggested use: Shrimp and Bacon Fried Rice Bowl Recipe, Classic Chicken Lettuce Wrap Recipe, Shellfish with Garlic Sesame Sauce Recipe, Vegetarian Green Beans Recipe, Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe, Shrimp Fried Rice Bowl Recipe, Mongolian Grill, great for stir-fries.



General Kung Pao Sauce (345R) GLUTEN-FREE, Net wt. 14.2 oz., 12/case, UPC 789902-043451

Kung Pao Sauce Image Kung Pao Nutrition
Kung Pao Sauce
Smooth, red and hot! and is Gluten Free, a sweet and garlicky spicy red sauce for traditional Mongolian Grill, Kung Pao and General Tsao's recipes. Spread it on Hot Dog instead of catchup or mustard, what a delicious change!
Suggested use:
Kung Pao Calamari Recipe, Gluten Free General Kung Pao Chicken Recipe, Gluten free Kung Pao Tofu and Mushroom Rice Bowl Recipe Gluten Free Hong Kong Shrimp Recipe. Use for traditional Mongolian Grill sauce, or in any "Kung Pao" recipe or stir-fry.



Spicy Orange Sauce (127R) GLUTEN-FREE Net wt. 14.7 oz., 12/case, UPC 789902-041273

 Spicy-Orange-Sauce Image  Spicy Orange Sauce Nutrition
Spicy Orange Sauce Always
a winner! It is Gluten Free, tangy, orange flavored sauce with bits of tangerine rind and pepper flakes. Make spectacular spicy orange chicken or Beef. It's great in cold noodle salads, as an appetizer dipping sauce for spring rolls, Coconut shrimp and Satay.
Suggested use: Roasted Gluten Free Spicy Orange Wings Recipe, Classic Spicy Orange Chicken Recipe,Gluten Free Mandarin Orange Chicken Recipe, General Kahn's Sweet and Spicy Chicken and more. 


Thai Peanut Sauce (222R) Net wt. 13.9 oz., 12/case, UPC 789902-062223

 Thai-Peanut-Sauce Image  Thai-Peanut-Sauce Nutrition
Thai Peanut Sauce
Thai Peanut sauce infused with zesty chili, tangy tamarind and a hint of cilantro. A favorite in hot or cold pastas, grilled chicken or shrimp Satay, Asian soups, wrap sandwiches, dressings and dips. 
Suggested use: Thai Chicken Wrap Recipe, Thai Peanut Noodle Salad Recipe, Pad Thai Noodles Recipe, Thai Peanut Chicken Satay, Chicken Salad and Thai Seafood Glass Noodle Soup.



XOX Sweet Teriyaki Sauce (217R) Net wt. 14.9 oz., 12/case, UPC 789902-042171

 XOX-Sweet-Teriyaki-Sauce Image  XOX-Sweet-Teriyaki-Sauce Nutrition
XOX Sweet Teriyaki
XOX Sweet Teriyaki You will love this delicious Teriyaki sauce with a kiss (XOX), it is extra sweet and extra thick that everyone loves! This is the yummy sauce used in Japanese restaurants to glaze Teriyaki Chicken, Beef and Salmon.
Suggested use: Vegetarian Tofu and Asparagus Recipe,XOX Teriyaki Salmon Recipe, Just brush on any meat or seafood and it instantly becomes your favorite Teriyaki recipe. , drizzle over rice or serve as an appetizer dipping sauce. Leave it at the table. You can't live without XOX!