Bacon and Shrimp Fried Rice Recipe with Garlic Sesame Sauce

Delicious Asian Breakfast Treat

Bacon and Shrimp Fried Rice with Garlic Sesame Sauce Recipe

An Asian breakfast treat of bacon, eggs and shrimp in fried rice coated with an aromatic garlic sesame sauce

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¼ C.       Garlic Sesame Sauce* (Starport 209)
2 C.        Rice, cooked
3 oz.      Bay shrimp
4 oz.      Bacon, ½” pieces
1 ea.      Egg
2 oz.      Peas and carrots, frozen
2 Tbsp.  Green onion chopped
3 Tbsp.  Vegetable oil
*Other delicious Fried Rice sauces: Classic Wok Sauce (Starport 250), and XOX Teriyaki (Starport 217)

1.   Slice bacon into ½” pieces and set aside.
2.   Rinse and drain frozen peas and carrots and bay shrimp.
3.   Chop green onions and set aside.
4.   Break egg in bowl and stir.
5.   Heat a sauté pan at medium high heat, when hot add 1 Tbsp. of oil and slowly pour in scrambled egg. Let the egg bubble, and then stir until done. Remove egg and cut into small pieces and set aside.
6.   Heat wok (or pan) at medium heat, when hot, add sliced bacon. Stir to separate and cook for 3-5 minutes until crispy.
7.   Remove and blot off excess oil.
8.   Heat a wok (or pan) at medium high heat, add 2 Tbsp. oil and cooked rice. Stir-fry for 4-5 minutes until piping hot.
9.   Add in peas and carrots and bay shrimp and stir-fry for 1 minute.
10.  Add Garlic Sesame Sauce, bacon and eggs and toss well.
11.  Add in 1 Tbsp. green onions, mix well, remove.
12.  Garnish with remaining 1 Tbsp. green onions and serve.

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