Hot and Spicy Fried Okras

Crispy battered okras and deep fried appetizer with Hot & Spicy Seasoning recipe

Hot and Spicy Fried Okras Fusion Recipe

A Creole Asian fusion fried okras with Cantonese Hot and Spicy Seasoning

Hot and Spicy Fried Okras Image

Ingredients: 4 servings (4oz.per swerving)

1 Tbsp.  Hot & Spicy Seasoning (Gluten Free Starport 351)
¾ C.       Crispy Seasoning Batter (Starport 354)
1 lbs.     Okra, cut to 1” length
¾ C.       Water for batter
¼ C.       Green onions, or cilantro for garnish


1.  Trim okra ends and cut into 1” length pieces.
2.  Mix Crispy Seasoning Batter with water and set aside.
3.  Dip okra into wet batter and deep fry at 350F for 3-5 minutes.
4.  Remove okras and wait for fryer temperature return to 350F, refry okras until golden.
5.  Place okras in a large bowl, sprinkle on Hot and Spicy Seasoning and green onions or cilantro as garnish and serve.

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