Sticky Honey Hoisin Ribs Recipe with hoisin sauce

An aromatic spiced Hoisin sauce of miso and 5 spices  tossed with fried ribs and honey - Gluten free recipe

Sticky Honey Hoisin Ribs Gluten Free Recipe

Crisp fried tender cut ribs stir fried with peppers, onions and celery and coated with honey and aromatic gluten free Hoisin Sauce

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per serving
¼ C.       Classic Hoisin Sauce (Gluten Free Starport128)
8 oz.      Baby back pork ribs, cut each rib to about 2” long marinated and deep fried (see instructions below)
¼ C.       Red bell peppers, 1”
¼ C.       Green bell peppers, 1”
¼ C.       Onions 1”
¼ C.       Celery 1”
2 Tbsp.  Honey
1 Tbsp.  Corn oil
2 Tbsp.  Corn starch
1 Tbsp.  Green onions, chopped for garnish


1.   Best to cut and marinate 10 lbs. of ribs with Marinade Seasoning and use as needed.
2.   Remove ribs from marinade and dust ribs with corn starch, then deep-fry 4- 5 minutes until done with meat temperature reaches 160F. Set aside.
3.   Heat wok or pan at high heat, when hot add in oil then onion, celery and bell peppers.
4.   Stir fry vegetable about a minute, add Hoisin Sauce toss and mix with vegetables then add in fried ribs and honey.
5.   Coat ribs with sauce and remove, garnish with green onions.

Marinade for 10 lbs. of cut ribs:

1.   Dissolve ¾ C. Marinade Seasoning (Starport 356 Gluten Free) with 1C. of water, and add 1 C. corn oil then mix well.
2.   Add cut ribs and marinate for 30 minutes or more. May be covered, refrigerate overnight or longer.

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