Korean BBQ Short Ribs Recipe with hunan and garlic sesame sauces

Sweet and Spicy Korean Rib Recipe

Korean BBQ Boneless Short Rib Recipe

Sweet and spicy Korean BBQ boneless short ribs as a meal or as an appetizer.

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Buffet Serving Size
2 C.          Spicy Red Hunan Sauce(Gluten Free Starport 212)
2 C.          Garlic Sesame Sauce (Starport 209)
7/8 C.       Marinade Seasoning (Gluten Free Starport 356)
1 C.           Sugar
10 lbs.      Boneless short ribs. ⅛” thick
1-1/4 C.    Water
1 C.           Oil

Korean BBQ Sauce Mix: 2 C. Garlic Sesame Sauce (Starport 209) 2 C. Spicy Red Hunan Sauce (Gluten Free Starport 212) and 1 C. Sugar


1.   Dissolve Marinade Seasoning in water then add in oil. Pour over ribs, turn to coat, and marinate ribs for 30 minutes.
2.   Add in 3 C. Korean BBQ Sauce Mix and continue to marinate for another 30 minutes or more. Save remaining 1 C. Korean BBQ Sauce Mix to brush on ribs before serving.
3.   BBQ or grill ribs on medium high heat. About 1 minute per side depending on thickness of meat. Remove and brush on fresh sauce, garnish with cilantro or green onions and serve.
4.   Serve with medium grain rice, and side of Kimchi.

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