Creole Mango sauce & Tofu Fusion Salad Recipes

Vegan fusion mango and tofu salad

Creole Mango Tofu Gluten Free Fusion Salad Recipes

Gluten free fusion vegan tofu and mango salad with spicy Creole mango sauce.

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Ingredients: Single Serving
¼ C.       Spicy Mango Creole Sauce (Gluten Free Starport 121)
1Tbsp.   Red Wine Vinegar
6 oz.      Tofu, soft (Silken) ¾” cubes (Not firm tofu)
1 oz.      Carrots, julienne (Soak in ice water)
¼ C.       Mango, fresh, diced 1 oz. Radish sprouts
½ tsp.    Roasted sesame seeds
1 ea.      Radish, sliced
1 tsp.     Green onions, chopped, for garnish
½ oz.      Cranberries, dried

Note: 6 oz. of soft tofu contains16g of protein and 140 calories.

1.   Gently press out excess water from soft tofu then cut into ¾” cubes, and set aside.
2.   In a large bowl, large enough for all the ingredients, mix Mango Creole Sauce and red wine vinegar and add in dried cranberries and soft tofu then set aside.
3.   Dice mango and slice radish and set aside.
4.   Drain iced julienne carrots and pat dry.
5.   Add carrots, radish and half of the mango to the bowl with tofu then gently toss and mix all the ingredients.
6.   Plate the tofu salad then garnish with remaining mango, radish sprouts and green onions.

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