Mongolian Beef Recipe with szechuan sauce

Hot and spicy Sichuan sauce beef stir fry

Mongolian Beef Stir Fry with Szechuan Sauce Recipe

Stir fried onions, celery, red bell peppers, baby corns in a spicy Szechuan sauce and tossed with tender strips of fried beef  over a bed of crunchy fried rice noodles.

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Foodservice Size
3 C.         Spicy Szechuan Sauce (Starport 322)
1 C.         Sugar
2.5 lbs.   Beef, sliced 1x1x⅛” marinated (see below)
2 C.         Crispy Seasoning Batter (Starport 354)
1 lb.        Celery, sliced ¼”
1.5 lb.     Red bell pepper, sliced ¼”
1 lb.        Onions, sliced ¼”
0.5 lb.     Baby corn, cut in ½” length
0.1 lb.     Green onions, chopped
2 Tbsp.   Garlic-Ginger infusion (see below)
0.5 lb.     Rice sticks, fried (see process below)
¼ C.        Vegetable oil

1.   Mix 3 C. Spicy Szechuan Sauce and 1 C. of sugar and set aside.
2.   Slice beef and marinate using instructions below.
3.   Coat marinated beef with Crispy Seasoning Batter.
4.   Divide beef into 2 batches and deep fry each batch at 350°F for 3-5 minutes until crispy. Remove, drain and set aside.
5.   Oil blanch red bell pepper in fryer at 350°F for 50-60 seconds, remove, drain and set aside.
6.   Heat wok or griddle on high heat, add oil then spread onions and celery on wok or griddle and let sear 30 seconds without stirring. Add garlic-ginger infusion and stir-fry for 20-30 seconds.
7.   Add baby corn, stir-fry until hot (about 2 minutes), then add Spicy Szechuan Sauceand sugar mix.
8.   Continue to stir-fry until steaming hot, add fried beef and oil blanched red bell peppers, ½ of the green onions and mix well.
9.   Place on a bed of fried rice sticks and garnish with green onions.


For cook to order – Portion fried beef and refrigerate until order. When order, quickly refry beef about 20 second, then cook the onions, celery, bell peppers and baby corns as instructed above.

Rice stick preparation: Deep-fry ¼ lb batch of rice sticks at 350°F until fully expanded and fluffy, about 20 seconds. Do not fry too long or noodles will turn brown. Drain on paper towels.

To MARINATE: For 10 lbs. of sliced, diced or ground meat:
1.   Dissolve 0.4 lb. (7/8 C.) Marinade Seasoning (Gluten Free Starport 356) in 1-1/4 C. water then mix 1 C. oil in a bowl.
2.   Add to meat, stir and marinate in covered container for 30 minutes or more in refrigerator. Best to make daily batches.

Garlic and Ginger Infusion Mixture – Adds an extra authentic flavor and aroma to the dish
1.   Mince and mix 2 parts of garlic with one part of ginger by weight.
2.   Place mixture in a pot and add enough vegetable oil to cover the garlic and ginger.
3.   Heat mixture at low heat until boil for about three minutes, place in a close container and refrigerate when cool.
4.   Keep unused portion refrigerated, make fresh batch once a week.

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