Private Label

Custom formulation and packaging for franchasee and retail store

We Specialize in Asian, Pan Asian, Fusion Sauces, seasoning and marinades

Starport Foods has over 30 years of experience, providing unique Asian and Fusion sauces and seasonings to the food industry. Our experience has produced hundreds of products from dried seasonings, batters, soup bases, cup-a-soup, flavored oils, sauces, savory rubs and frozen entrées.

Formulation and Packaging

Our major clients for private label are supermarket chains, restaurant chains and food manufacturers.

Packaging is available for Supermarket retailers in retail size 12 fl. oz. glass bottles. For restaurant chains, sauce may be packed in gallon or half gallon plastic jugs or 5 gallons pails. We also pack in 55 gallon drums for food manufacturers.

We provide quick turn around time for private label using our existing formulations. Custom formulation varies from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the complexity of the products and label design and printing.
The minimum quantity is 1,000 gallons per sauce, which produces: 18 each - 55 gallon drums, 200 - 5 gallon pails, 250 cases - 1 gallon at 4 per case - 880 cases of 12 oz. glass bottles at 12 per case. (Plus or minus 10%)

Retail size private label Asian sauce image
Restaurant size private label Pan Asian sauce image