Grilled Teriyaki Beef Recipe for appetizer or meal

Grilled Teriyaki Beef with XOX Sweet Teriyaki

Grilled XOX Sweet Teriyaki Beef Recipe

Thinely Sliced sirlion beef grilled or bbQ to perfection with extra sweet teriyaki sauce.

Grilled XOX Sweet Teriyaki Beef Recipe Image

Ingredients: Buffet Serving Size
4 C.         XOX Sweet Teriyaki Sauce (Starport 217)
7/8 C.      Marinade Seasoning (Gluten Free Starport 356)
1 C.          Sugar
10 lbs.     Sirloin beef, sliced ⅛” thick strips
1-1/4 C.   Water
1 C.          Oil


1.   Dissolve Marinade Seasoning in water then add in oil. Pour over meat, turn to coat, and marinate ribs for 30 minutes or more. Cover and refrigerate if not used immediately.
2.   Add in 1 C. sugar to XOX Sweet Teriyaki, mix well and set aside.
3.   BBQ or grill beef on medium high heat. Brush on sweet teriyaki sauce while cooking. Cook about 1 minute per side depending on thickness of meat.
4.   Brush on more sauce on both sides, remove when done.
5.   Garnish with cilantro or green onions and serve.
6.   Serve with medium grain hot steamed rice.

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