Vegan Tofu and Soy Bean Salad Recipe with garlic sesame sauce

Refreshing and healthful silken tofu and soy beans

Vegan Silken Tofu and Soy Bean Salad with Garlic Sesame Dressing Recipe

A delicate and delicious soft tofu and soy bean high protein salad with an aromatic garlic sesame dressing and garnished with toasted sesame seeds.

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Ingredients: Single Serving
¼ C.        Garlic Sesame Marinade & Glaze (Starport209 Vegan)
1 Tbsp.   Rice Vinegar
8 oz.       Tofu, soft (Silken) ¾” cubes (Not firm tofu)
1 oz.       Carrots, julienne (Soak in ice water)
3 oz.       Soy beans, shelled, frozen, ready-to-eat
1 stalk    Green onions, strips
½ tsp.     Roasted sesame seeds


1.   Gently press out excess water from soft tofu then cut into ¾” cubes, and set aside.
2.   Take frozen soy beans, thaw slightly, rinse in cold water, drain and set aside.
3.   In a bowl that is large enough to hold all the ingredients, add the Garlic Sesame Sauce, rice vinegar, carrots and soy beans and mix well.
4.   Add in soft tofu and use a rubber/silicone spatula to gently fold tofu to coat with sauce.
5.   Plate the tofu salad, garnish with green onions and sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds.

Note: 8 oz. of soft tofu contains 21.3g of protein and 187 calories. 3 oz. soy beans provide 10.4g of protein and 103 calories.

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