healthy Vegetarian Fried Rice Recipe

Delicious Asian Vegetarian Fried Rice

Vegetarian Fried Rice with Garlic Sesame Sauce Recipe

A delicious healthy fried rice with mushrooms, peas and carrots coated with an aromatic garlic sesame sauce

Vegetarian fried rice with garlic sesame sauce Image

Ingredients: for 2 serving
½ C.       Garlic Sesame Sauce* (Starport 209)
4 C.        Cooked Rice
1 C.        Peas and carrot, frozen
1 C.        Mushrooms, sliced
¼ C.       Red onion, diced
2 Tbsp.  Vegetable oil

* Other delicious Starport vegetarian fry rice sauces: Class Wok Sauce (Starport250), and XOX Teriyaki (Starport 217).



1.   Rinse frozen peas and carrot in hot water, drained and set aside.
2.   Heat pan at high heat then add oil, onions and mushrooms and sauté 30 seconds.
3.   Add rice and gently un-clump rice with a spatula, stir-fry until popping hot.
4.   Add in peas and carrots and Garlic Sesame Sauce, toss rice and mixed well, sauté until steaming hot.
5.   Garnish with chopped green onions.

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